The Firm's Estate, Gift, Corporate & Business Succession Taxation Planning services are a central part of its taxation, estate and commercial practice areas and are often directly integrated with Corporate, Pension & Benefits and Real Estate.  As a consequence, it has a very substantial practice in wills, trusts and related documents; (see Estates/Trusts Administration and Taxation). Further, the Firm does a considerable number of shareholders/partnership/LLC and similar corporate and business succession agreements as part of an integrated and global plan.  These Taxation Planning areas include:

Estate Trust, Tax & Business Succession Planning
Individual tax planning, documentation and structure, integrating the corporate, real estate, pension and benefits areas; extensive Will & Trust drafting and business succession agreements; estate income and estate tax; (see Taxation, Estate & Trust Administration and Corporate).

Extensive Will/Trust drafting, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies; structuring and coordinating strategies and documents; evaluation of tax proposals; pre and postmortem planning, asset realignment, disclaimers, elections, IRA/Pension and RMD planning; Inter Vivos Trusts: Insurance, administrative, income shifting, benefit funding, special and supplemental needs, CRT, CLT, QPRT, GRITS, GRATS, etc., Charitable Foundations.

It is often called upon by many institutional and other fiduciaries in complex estate planning.  It utilizes the Federal and State exemptions where applicable, provides for adequate realigning for funding the same, considers the overstatement/understatement of the exemption and/or remedial steps such as post mortem disclaimers.  It does a variety of documents in addition to the Wills and Trusts, such as the Irrevocable Insurance Trust, the Revocable Living Trust (for administrative purposes (usually in Florida); and numerous other planning devices.

Gift Tax Discount Techniques
The Firm has employed numerous Gift Tax Discount Techniques quite successfully and attempts to minimize the use of the Gift Tax Exemption while exploiting the Gift Tax Annual Exclusion.  It uses where applicable the Qualified Terminal Interest Property Testamentary and Living Trust, Family (“Crummey”) Trusts, Qualified Personal Residence Trust, Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (often Zeroed-out), Charitable Remainder/Lead Unitary/Annuity Trust, deeply discounted LLC non-voting interests, installment sales and a variety of other Gift Tax Discount strategies.

Business Entity
Selection of entity; corporate, LLC/LLP, partnership, trust, tax strategies, structure of investment, acquisition and merger, redemption, liquidation, valuations and recapitalization; investment, shareholder/membership/ partnership agreements and buyouts; (see Corporate/Acquisitions; and Taxation). Voting/Non-Voting Interests in connection with an Operating Agreement that has buy-back provisions that provide for further discounts in the event of creditor rights, claims, premature sales etc.

Charitable; Not-for-Profit
Gifts, charitable remainder and lead annuity and unitrusts, pooled income funds and Foundations.  Organization, structure, activities and prohibited transactions, general corporate representation, instrumentality and affiliation issues, pension and investment funds, prudent investor, approvals, tax and planning issues.

Executive Compensation and Benefits
Incentive and non-qualified stock options, SAR's, bonus, excess, top-hat, ex-patriot, deferred compensation, parachute and numerous other compensation, benefit and insurance devices, trusts ("rabbi" and "secular") and funding vehicles. (See Pension, Executive Compensation).

Real Estate
1031 tax-free exchanges and business reinvestments, allocations, recapture, gains and tax cost “basis” issues, state and local, sales, compensating use and capital gains transfer taxes; (see Real Estate).

Taxation, Audits
Please see Taxation, Audits, Appeals, where the Firm engages in an extensive practice of taxation, particularly with respect to Gift, Estate, Business Succession and compensation and benefit planning.

Trust, Estate Administration, Elder Care
Please see the section Estate and Trust Administration-Elder Care and Taxation to review the substantial scope of the Firm’s activities to supplement its planning practice.