The Firm has a General Commercial, Banking and Surrogates Litigation practice as a part of its Corporate, Banking, Estate, Real Estate and Taxation practice:

Bank litigation of all types particularly, collection, loan work-out, defense, foreclosure and bankruptcy (see below), along with a range of creditors' rights, lender liability, fraud, conspiracy, RICO and environmental issues (see Banking generally).

General Contracts
Services (viz., management, computer, inspections, proxy and professional); goods, (viz., equipment, machinery and numerous others); real estate, government contracts and bids, franchise, distributorship, sales representative, antitrust and unfair trade practices; (see Corporate).

Representing both secured and unsecured creditors in all aspects of commercial bankruptcy proceedings, including, petitions, plans, opposition, automatic stays, adequate protection, cash collateral, debtor-in-possession financing objections to discharge, creditor remedies and adversary proceedings, Chapter 7 and 11, general creditors rights reorganization/insolvency plans, preferences and fraudulent conveyances and real estate.

Surrogates, Estate & Trust
Will contest and construction, administration, litigation, accountings, claims, discovery, 1404 Proceedings, valuations, fiduciary responsibility and surcharge, removal, advice and direction; (see Estates & Trust).

General corporate litigation, dissenting/preemptive rights, derivative, corporate opportunity, shareholder freeze, takeover, proxy contest, securities law disclosure, regulatory proceedings, fraud and other remedies - civil, criminal and administrative (see Corporate).


Municipal and private bid disputes, arbitration, subcontractor and materialman defaults, liens, bonding and fraud; heavy, building and marine construction, including, prisons, roads, bridges, marine, public schools and private and commercial structures.

Insurance Litigation
Commercial, life, fire, hazard, bonds, fidelity and D & O policy coverage and notice disputes for insurer and insured; declaratory judgments and arbitration; and general counsel.

Personal Injury/Products
Personal injury (auto and other), products (asbestos, medical equipment and cosmetic) and warranty (auto, home and industrial) claims; defamation; class actions and arbitrations.

Real Estate
Contract, adverse possession, prescriptive rights, encumbrances, rights-of-way, title, covenants and restrictions, license, brokerage, environmental, foreclosure, lender liability, owner-tenant, commercial leases, dispossess, term, rent, construction, escalators and possession; (see Real Estate).

Zoning petitions and defense, both applicant and municipality; regulatory changes, variances, special use, boundaries, easements, rights-of-way, covenants & restrictions, dedications, violations and compliance; (see Real Estate).

Toxic waste and contamination, insurance and contract indemnity claims, Bank disputes, regulatory proceedings, compliance and violations and remediation disputes; (see Corporate-Environmental).

Employment Practices & Labor Relations
NLRB proceedings, union and collective bargaining disputes, contract grievances, certification and federal and local law compliance; executive compensation disputes and arbitration and abusive and discriminatory employment practices - arbitration (see Employment Practices).

Pension & Benefits
Numerous qualified and non-qualified plan and employment benefit claims; qualifications, discrimination, coverage, benefits and marital and ownership disputes; and executive compensation, parachute payments and incentive, bonus and stock arrangements; (see Pension & Benefits and Corporate).

Intellectual property rights (software, literary and musical); Tradename/mark disputes; defamation; general commercial.