Real Estate activities, whether alone or as part of a lending, acquisition, tax planning or other business transaction, represent a major part of the Firm's practice; (see also Corporate, Taxation and Litigation):

Purchase, sale, finance, mortgage, exchange, construction, security, leasing, subdivision, title insurance and zoning; and commercial and residential, condominium, cooperative, shopping centers, terminals, refineries, branches, factories and developments.

Zoning and Municipal
Compliance proceedings, litigation, special use exceptions/variances; applications.

General real estate financings, often part of a tax/business plan or acquisition; (see Banking and Corporate).

Mortgage Packages; Loan Reviews
National mortgage packages and bank loan reviews, evaluation, servicing, maintenance and claims; reporting forms.  Mortgage servicing and maintenance.

Cooperative and condominium conversions, offerings and review.

Special Use
Terminals, oil and gas storage tanks, pipelines, marine, refinery and shopping centers.

Evaluation, claims, approvals, indemnities, insurance, appraisals and permits. (See Corporate-Environmental).

Easements, licenses, rights-of-way, security, title, adverse possession, covenants and restrictions, brokerage, foreclosure, lender liability/environmental disputes (see Litigation).

Bank and investor foreclosures (see Litigation and Banking).

Joint Venture/Partnerships

Syndication, offerings, formation and tax issues. (See Tax & Corporate).

Real Estate, transfer, capital gain, §1031 Tax Free Exchanges, Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Family Limited Partnership/LLC Planning. (See Taxation, Corporate-Construction).