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The representatives of Pollio Law Group have often acted as Adjunct Professors at Law Schools or other Institutions, program chair/moderators, faculty members of Bar Associations, or simple invited lecturers on a wide range of topics, only some of which will be mentioned below:

Estate, Tax, Business & Succession Planning

An extensive history of lectures and publications on a wide range of planning topics including Will and Trust drafting and the many related tax topics such as estate and gift tax, ongoing Internal Revenue Code changes, exploiting and utilizing the Exemptions and Discount Gift Tax Techniques such as GRAT and QTIP Trusts, and business entities such as Family Limited Liability Companies.  Also lectured extensively on business succession planning and how it can be integrated into a client’s overall estate plan.

Trust and Estate Administration

CLE and bank-hosted lectures on basic and advanced trust and estate administration, including related planning, checklists, informal accountings and receipts and releases.

Taxation and Audits

A variety of publications, CLE course presentations and lectures at law schools on a wide breadth of tax matters, including tax procedures, audits, appeals and litigation, and a variety of taxes including, sales, estate & gift, fiduciary income, personal income, corporate and partnership and foreign taxation.  As a result of a strong background in Accounting, many lectures and presentations to Accountants, Financial Planners, Bankers and other professionals on the interrelation between the roles of professionals.

Corporate, General Business and Acquisitions & S.E.C

Several courses taught in securities regulation including topics such as Takeovers, Registration, Periodic Reporting, Proxys and Exemptions.  Also on organizing business entities, differentiating business entity characteristics, shareholder, operating and partnership agreements, the tax effects of organizing and dissolving business entities; including Mergers, Acquisitions and tax consequences.

Banking & Finance

Usury, numerous types of loans and Loan Documents, mortgages, security, financial and other covenants, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, gratuities, organizing and comparative analysis.

Real Estate, Commercial – Residential

Contracts of Sale, Lease, Development and Construction, Title and Insurance, Survey, Environmental issues, Escrow, Warranties, Covenants & Restrictions, Affirmative Insurance, Easements, Right-of-Way, Condos/Co-ops and Formation.

Pension, Executive Benefits & Employment Practices

DB, DC, IRA, 401K’s, Beneficiary/Estate Planning, Actuarial Feasibility, Formation, IRS Determination, Administration, Compliance, and Affiliated Group and Top Heavy Issues.

Litigation, Commercial – Surrogate

See Service Area of Litigation.

Health Care

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