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Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be an emotionally painful experience, not only for the couple separating, but also for their immediate and extended family, and especially when there are children involved.

At PLG, we strive to minimize this pain by offering Divorce Mediation, an alternative to the adversarial, protracted and expensive process of divorce litigation. In Divorce Mediation, PLG’s experienced matrimonial team provides a collaborative and caring setting for couples to efficiently and effectively address all issues related to their separation, including child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and equitable division of the marital assets.

Not only is the process more amicable between the couple, but it also permits each spouse to maintain control over decision making, thus empowering each individual (as opposed to litigation, where a judge will make final decisions).  This collaborative process results in a fair, effective, well thought out and enforceable agreement, where the spouses come to together through their attorneys for the higher collective good of themselves and their family.  In today’s world, family circumstances run the gamut.  Accordingly, this is an area of law in which it is particularly critical that your counsel listen well and understand your unique situation and concerns; there is no boilerplate that’s right for all. We are here to help tailor a process and resolution that best suits your needs so that you may close this chapter with greater ease, and begin another.

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