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Prenuptial Agreements

It used to be that only the rich and famous had Prenuptial Agreements, or “Prenups.” Today, having a Prenup has become increasingly common, as engaged couples realize that, regardless of their financial status, they prefer to control their future rather than let the law, or protracted litigation, decide it for them.

We understand that the Prenup presents some uncomfortable issues, and is far from romantic. Nonetheless, it is important to the health of the marriage not to leave these issues to be resolved at a time when emotions run high, but to address them ahead of time.

At PLG, we create and cater a Prenup to the needs and particularities of each couple’s unique situation in order to create a more stable present and future, for whatever happily ever after entails. While each situation is different, a well drafted Prenup dovetails with important Estate Planning issues. At PLG, Estate Planning and Administration is a specialty. In addition, some typical items you may address in your Prenup include:

  1. Protection of inherited and premarital assets
  2. Spousal maintenance
  3. Child support
  4. Child custody

We look forward to helping you think through and draft a Plan B that works for you, while also celebrating your hopeful success with Plan A.

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